at DuPont Circle    
We offer highly professional and authentic dance entertainment and instruction by some of the best & most experienced teachers throughout  Metropolitan Washington DC, MD & Va.  


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Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshops
Easy and fun instruction for the entire family is avail in every style of social dance from around the globe, that literally anyone can afford (and your 1st class is free! with a '2-for-the-price-of-1' Pass online for 1st-timers). No high-pressure selling, long & expensive contracts or holding students back who can proceed faster. Our selling point is our superior ability to teach, not to sell. Everyone is welcome to our classes & social dance events, including all ages from seniors to kids, singles, couples, Same-gender couples and the seeing and hearing impaired (limited ASL avail).

Classes are usually on, as scheduled, regardless of weather, unless public transportation closes.