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Your "First Dance" can, and often is, one of THE most memorable parts of this important event. Our objective is to make it just that ....memorable for years to come (and we don't mean "The World's funniest home videos!!"). Bring your "First Dance" music, if you know it and we'll decide what dance is most appropriate; or several songs if not sure. We can always do a fun-filled, non-stop medley if you can't decide between two or more songs. Everyone who attends can learn the nuts and bolts of how to prepare for a "Magnificent" First Dance performance, after which you may need to do some private coaching to fine-tune your personal technique, choreography and overall presentation.


NOT ONLY FOR WEDDING COUPLES Our Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshops, group classes and private coaching are great ways for parents of the bride and groom, wedding party members and friends & family to also prepare their dancing during this memorable event.


Our Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshops are a great opportunity for wedding couples to learn the fundamentals of creating an easy and fun-filled "Honor Dance" routine that your guests will remember for years to come. It's a "must" for every bride and groom. important event and at other weddings on their list. And as suggested earlier, it's a great opportunity for parents, family members and friends or wedding party of the bride and groom to prepare together so they can dance with all of the guests at this important event and at other weddings on their list. ​

Lastly....if you're just interested in quickly learning the basics of several dances for social purposes, beginner level competition, etc, whether or not you're planning to attend a wedding, this is the perfect One-Stop-Workshop for you, as well.


Please preregister everyone attending, individually, for Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshops and other group classes beforehand at for security requirements of the building and so we know for sure how many will be coming and can let each know what best to bring along for maximum benefit. Send the names, email addresses and phone #'s of each person so we can contact them as needed in case of power outage, delays or cancellation, etc. (send to to preregister. You may also text or leave a message on 202-596-4860 if we don't respond shortly, to be sure that your information did not go into spam).


We also have unique training for same-gender couples for their weddings, as trainers of teams for the DanceSport competition of Gay Games. Same-gender couples are welcome and encouraged in our studio whether it be for classes, private coaching or social events.


Private Dance Coaching payable by cash, check (to Terry Chasteen DanceSport) or online via PayPal (button below) 


The goal of our complete wedding program is to make you feel completely comfortable by Showtime with a Knock-out performance that is easy enough for your level of experience as well as dance comfortably with family members and friends of all ages.

Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshops ALONG WITH social Ballroom, Latin & Swing classes and private coaching will teach you the best and most fun ways to enter and exit the floor, something you'll use LONG AFTER the wedding, plus the basics of several traditional dances, including Ballroom (Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep and/or Viennese Waltz), Latin (Salsa, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba - the slowest of the International Latin dances, often referred to as "The Dance of Love") and Swing (Jitterbug or East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy hop or Jive) for your wedding.

To find out why I LOVE working with all of my brand new beginner wedding couples click  HERE

Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshops

Social Ballroom, Latin or Swing (Ideal for wedding couples

and their 'First Dance')