For RSVPS, privates lessons scheduling or questions please direct your calls/texts to Luca (through 8/18) at:  

(201) 443-7562

Thank you!

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Are you interested in learning the roots of Kizomba/Semba. Do you want to gain more knowledge of these dances and its musicality? Well this is your chance.Come and improve not only your understanding of Kizomba and Semba but improve your dance techniques as well, all the while learning about Angolan Culture.


We use dance to help you free your mind and have fun during the time you are learning, also we are want you to grow as a dancer, and we provide knowledge that break boundaries what you are looking for

THERAPY – It is not just a dance class; it is your family, hang out, cardio workout, culture exchange, and fun time.

PASSION- We do it together with you and give you the inspiration your need to feel home and learn with no regrets. With a friend instructors, other students, music to seize life in different scale.


CABOLANOS classes provide technical instruction with motivational coaching, spicy & old style music, in a fun and energetic atmosphere.   In 60 minutes class, we will transform what you bring on what you expect.

Beginners:  1:00pm to 2:00pm 

Intermediates:  2:00pm to 3:00pm


Focus on how you move to the music while partner work classes focus on communication among partners during the turns


We will help you get what your mind and body need in order to complete social experience, always with a smile and personal attention to all levels of dancers.