Argentine Tango:
​If you have never danced Tango before or any dance for that matter, no problem...​we have newcomers who start every week and Roger & Terry will have you feeling comfortable on the floor in no time. Of course, the more you practice between classes, the faster you'll retain the material and progress. Argentine Tango for BOTH Beg & Intermed dancers on Mon (2 teachers w/ Roger Peterson & Terry) at 7:00 PMplus Sun (7:15 PM), Wed (6:00 PM) and 2nd & 4th Sat's (6:00 PM) for beginner/beg+ taught by Terry. Visit our calendar and follow us on facebook and twitter (linksbelow) for details plus learn about the history of Argentine Tango from the link below. http://www.pleasedancewithme.com/danceshistories.htm#argentinetangohistory

 ​Salsa On1 or On2, New York Style:
​Our Salsa On2 teachers Tanya Fisk & Psyn Scott and On1, Mein & Terry, for beginners as well as the most advanced dancers, are some of the best on the planet. Psyn & Tanya are conspiring on a brand new performance team in training now for later this year that will once again KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! We have newcomers starting every week so don't be hesitant. However if you would feel more comfortable beginning with a private coaching session or two before jumping in, feel free to contact us.Appointments or RSVP with names, email addresses and cell/text numbers of everyone attending to TerryChasteenDanceSport@gmail.com 202-596-4860.http://www.pleasedancewithme.com/danceshistories.htm#historyofsalsa


Beg and Intermed Social Ballroom, Latin/Rhythm & SwingJoin:

​ multiple Top Teacher Award Winner, Mike Baris, along with Terry Chasteen at DanceSport Dupont Circle on Tuesdays for Beg Social Ballroom, Latin/Rhythm & Swing classes at 6:30pm and Intermed at 7:30pm.RSVP with names, email addresses and cell/text numbers of everyone attending to: TerryChasteenDanceSport@gmail.com, 202-596-4860.Mike_Baris@yahoo.com, (202) 640-9210http://www.pleasedancewithme.com/danceshistories.htm#foxtrot

​Belly Dance:
​Get SEXY and IN SHAPE and experience the lure of the East through this incredibly popular dance across the US and around the World. Belly Dance teacher and former professional performer Aksinya will provide you with the dance's necessary skills weekly every Friday from 5-6 PM RSVP with names, email addresses and cell/text numbers of everyone attending toTerryChasteenDanceSport@gmail.com202-596-4860.Afro-Caribbean Body Isolations and Night Club Dance(Fitness plus HOT!! moves for CLUB DANCING, includingBrazilian Samba by request.

​ Night Club social dancing and fitness class will introduce dance forms from Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d'Ivoire and the West Indies, as well as Brazilian Samba, by request. Students will learn the basic technique and movement for Soukous, N'dombolo, Coupé décalé, Mapouka, Zouk and Ragga/ Dancehall and Reggaeton. We also will gain confidence to perform dances in social settings, clubs, street dances and on stage while increasing physical fitness. This class will also include special guest instructors and performances.RSVP with names, email addresses and cell/text numbers of everyone attending toTerryChasteenDanceSport@gmail.com, 202-596-4860.