I have been fascinated with body movement my entire life.  From martial arts and sports, to Zumba and belly dancing, I have just never been able to sit still for very long.  This is probably why I took to belly dance and Zumba so quickly and easily.  As a native of the Kingdom of Morocco, I began belly dancing at a young age, as belly dance is an integral part of Moroccan culture.  I further developed and fine-tuned by belly dance training as I lived throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.

For me, Zumba was the perfect complement to belly dance, and I made the transition almost immediately.  When students take my Zumba class, they feel as though they are at a party that never ends.  I teach a style of Zumba mixed with belly dance and aerobics accompanied by Latin and other various other international genres of music, infused with martial arts moves, squats, lunges and many other dance and fitness techniques.  My goal is always to bring a new flavor from different countries around the world.

Some of the various flavors that I like to use include: Classic Raks Sharki. Lebanese, Turkish, Tunisian, Flamenco, Egyptian, and Saudi Gulf (Khallegy), Moroccan (Shaabi), as well as forms of African dance such as soca and asa.