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Preferably alive

Zombies, Freaks and scary creatures brave enough to learn the complete 'Michael Jackson's Thriller' dance routine from beginning to end. After all, it IS almost HALLOWEEN. Classes starting soon ...(but only for those who DARE! 

It's the right time to learn how to dance THRILLER, MTV's first world premiere video, most influential pop music video of all time and the dance that proved to have a profound effect on popular culture.

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Please note, we do not teach the 'Thrill The World' version of Michael Jackson's Thriller, which has been altered. We teach the AUTHENTIC 'Michael Jackson's Thriller Dance Routine' directly from the original DVD. The 'Thrill The World' version has been altered, however there is only be one authentic 'Michael Jackson's Thriller' Dance Routine)

​Contact: Terry ChasteenEmail: TerryChasteenDanceSport@gmail.comPhone: 202-596-4860