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Same-gender dancing ... a mesmerizing tribute from the BBC & the UK on 'Strictly Come Dancing'

During this 2021 season of 'Strictly Come Dancing' (the BBC's British counterpart of our U.S. 'Dancing With The Stars'), the first male couple of the show, John Whaite and his pro partner, Johannes Radebe, have been scoring literally at the top of the Leader Board, just like the incredibly talented female partnership ofJojo Siwa & Jenna Johnson; our first female DWTS couple hêre in the U.S. As an even greater tribute to same-gender DanceSport, this week the professionals of Strictly Come Dancing performed a magical Viennese Waltz dance routine and story line to Taylor Swift's Lover and Love Story✨; one that was as elegant and beautifully chorẻographed and mêsmerizing as any that I have seen in my 73 years, and I have seen a lot of them. For those who have been performing and social dancing & encouraging same-sex partner dancing outside of the LGBTQ environment for over 3 & 4 decades as one of the best forms of grass róots LGBTQ activism that we ever witnessed, this had to bring tears to their eyes as it did mine, bc we know beyond a shadow of doubt, that some kids and/or their unaccepting parents are going to watch that breathtaking performance and have a total change of heart over something that they may have been struggling with for years. Bravo to the BBC, to the gifted Strictly Come Dancing staff and to our own DWTS professionals who are helping to change hearts & minds about LGBTQ discrimination around the world. [You can watch the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing on Sat's & ABC's DWTS on Mon & Tues this week]

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