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A  paypal  processing fee of 3.3%  is added to all  online purchases.  (Cash / Check payments may be   made daily on site at the studio)

If there's time during the event, we also love to conduct "So You Think You Can Dance DC", "Dancing with the DC Stars" and "Dancing With The AC/DC Stars" (competing couples must be of the same gender) mini-dance competitions, which are open to everyone. Winners are chosen by audience applause, so encourage everyone to invite their loudest and most obnoxious friends and family members to cheer for them! We will fit in as many contests as possible in as many different dances as we can within the time available. ​Costs for such productions include $95.00 per teacher/assistant provided per hour plus the same for estimated travel time for each both to and from the event. Possible discounts are available for repeat or extra long events. The higher rates and cost of travel time for events away from the studio are a result of the increased difficulty of pre-planning and moving all necessary items to and from the location, plus the cost of travel time during which teachers could normally be teaching back-to-back privates or classes at the studio.

Also significant is the fact that often such events are held during a teacher's weekend and evening "Prime Time" when they, themselves are highly sought after for teaching privates or at other such events or have opportunities to unwind socially after a long week of being in the studio. We have had a lot of past experience and success with all of these types of events in the past and if Terry isn't available himself for such an occasion, we definitely have other highly qualified teachers who are. Though higher than the normal session rate at the studio, the cost per person is a fraction of the normal studio rate for one individual or couple and can be one of the best means available to guarantee the ultimate in your party or event's success at a very minimal cost per person. 

Instruction for private off-site parties and classes, including teaching at anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and other special events.

Hourly rates + discounted packages for five sessions or more. Coaching is available 7 days a week 


Private dance coaching available on Fri evenings at DanceSport DuPont Circle by appointment (often available at other Fri locations, however. Contact us for details)

How many sessions?
Special instruction is also available for teaching at wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, quinceanera's, schools and other social & corporate special events as a great way to get all of your guests and those present who are normally hesitant about their dancing out onto the dance floor. Though more costly per hour for the teacher's time due to travel away from the studio, as well as the fact that such events are often held during a teacher's "Prime Time" on the weekends or during private coaching hours at the studio, this can be a way to insure that your event is one of the most enjoyable evenings possible by everyone attending. 

We will not only teach a mini-class in either one or several dances requested by the hosts, but our goal is always to get people up and dancing and switching partners and really enjoying this special event where many would normally just sit and watch. Our experience is extensive in this process and we assure you that it's a great way to ensure that the special evening will be long remembered by everyone who attends.  

Private coaching is a great way to supplement your classes by being able to fine-tune some of the ideas, foot patterns and technique learned in the group environment. Some students schedule private coaching on a weekly basis, especially when looking at future amateur or pro/am competition or who just feel they want to progress faster than class-work alone will allow. Others schedule private coaching at unplanned intervals, whenever questions or technique concerns come up which are more detailed than the class environment may cover. 

Private coaching is also a great way to completely choreograph and fine-tune upcoming performances, such as the "Honor Dance" at your wedding or for planned exhibitions during future dance-related events. Either way, private coaching is a terrific means of speeding up the improvement of your dancing over time. Terry's fee for private coaching is $75.00 per session. These quotes are highly competitive for one of the very few in this industry with dancing experience since 1969 and teaching experience since 1974 in literally every popular social dance available to mankind.