DanceSport at DuPont Circle, June 29th, 2013

OGDC Style

The OGDC style is unique to DC. It began back in 2000 with its founders Psyniigianni Scott (formerly known as Dee Scott) and Shaka brown. The style is a hybrid of influences more so than direct teachings. Its foundation lies in New York composition but can remain formless, thus making it unpredictable. It has no short comings so the dancer is well rounded in lead and follow,shines,spins/turns, body movement and musicality. In the OGDC style the dancer is usually dancing at a quarter to a half of their actual ability. They usually have the ability to go to 3 levels higher than what the average social dancer displays.  

The underline principle is that the style is NOT based on tension but rather in understanding the role for which one has to play and adhering to it at all times. This makes the dancers extremely light, and very fast and accurate. The Mezzlocutis Dance Company under the direction of Psyniigianni Scott and Tanya Fiske are the only ones in the DC area that still teaches using this method. It's the original way, yet DC has some highly skilled instructors who have been able to rework this style and give us variety once again bringing excitement in our vibrant dance community.