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Stephanie Metzger

Ashley has been dancing from an early age, including training in jazz, tap, ballet, modern, west African dance, salsa, kizomba and Brazilian zouk. She co-founded District Zouk with Amy White, Valentine Luu and Bianca Desroches and they have been teaching weekly Brazilian zouk classes at DanceSport Dupont Circle since June 2014 ...Read more

Cabolanos classes provide technical instruction with motivational coaching, spicy & old style music, in a fun and energetic atmosphere.   In 60 minutes class, we will transform what you bring on what you expect. Read more

Dee is originally from Louisiana but has lived in DMV area for over 15 years. She began dancing salsa, bachata, and merengue around 2001 and added samba in 2007. The intense rhythm of the music and the happiness of the dance pulled her into immediately. Read more

Ashley Kent

CABOLANOS - Kizomba/semba

IBI Martin

As a native of the Kingdom of Morocco, I began belly dancing at a young age, as belly dance is an integral part of Moroccan culture.  I further developed and fine-tuned by belly dance training as I lived throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India...Read more

Jovanny Aguirre

Mein loves to teach dancing and has been doing so for about 9 years. He was trained as a chemist but has always loved to explore his creative, right-brain side. What he strives to do is to use both sides of the brain in his instruction. So expect some theoretical aspects as well as lots of fun dancing. If you can walk, you can dance! See you on the dance floor soon... Read more



The past two years has been an amazing journey.  After 20 years of Salsa I have finally found another dance and culture I love and cherish as much as Salsa and the Latin Community and Culture.  My initial exposure to Kizomba was small and infrequent, but I was already in love... Read more


Mike Baris is a certified dance professional and wedding 
​dance specialist, with accreditation from the North American Dance Teachers Association. He is a nationally ranked instructor who successfully competes regularly at DanceSport events throughout the country as DC Ballroom. He has received numerous Top Teacher and Top Studio awards.
Read more

Gaelle mondesir

AFRO-CARIBBEAN Social Dance & Fitness withperforming artist and choreographer Gaelle Mondesir came to DanceSport DuPont from Paris, France by way of Martinique. She has performed with Kofi Olomide, Papa Wemba, Elizio and otherAfro-Caribbean superstars...Rad more

Amy white

Amy has been a dancer her entire life, starting out at an early age with jazz, tap, ballet and modern dance. She discovered partner dancing in high school and trained in ballroom dance at Ohio State University. After studying abroad in Mexico, she decided that the Latin dances interested her more. Amy has performed, competed and taught salsa dance both in the United States and Mexico for the past 10 years... Read more

professionals who teach at DancSport duPont CIRCLE

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Stephanie wandered into a salsa dance class in college, and has been hooked ever since. She was a part of Penn State’s Ballroom Dance Team, taught Salsa on1 and Bachata at her university for 3 years, and performed at half time shows for the football and basketball team. She also did performances with a hip hop group called RAM Squad, and fell in love with the unique way dance brought people together. Read more .. Coming soon!

Rachel Valentina Nghiwete 

Valentina is a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with over 15 years of experience in the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry Her passion for health and fitness enabled her to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Health Promotion and also a Master's Degree in Health Promotion Management Read more

A native of Puerto Rico, Jovanny has been part of the DC Metro area’s Salsa community since 1999. He has performed at the Puerto Rico, Canada, and DC Salsa Congresses with Trabuco Dance Company and previously directed the George Mason Azucar dance team...Read more

brayo judah

Soukous new Dance and Fitness Classes will start as soon as Nov 17 , 2015 and occur  every Tuesday evening 7-8PM with our Champion performer Brayo Judah at DanceSport DuPont Circle...  Read more

Psyn Scott

Psyn is a Salsa On2/Bachata/Cha Cha Cha instructor at DanceSport DuPont Circle and other locations throughout the Washington DC area. He is also a Thai Chi and Energy Fitness Trainer & Group Fitness Director...Read more

Terry took his first Ballroom class as an undergrad at Ohio State University in 1969. He has been teaching nearly every style of social dance since '74, His dancing began with square dancing & Country/Western, due to his rural background and presence at weekly horse shows & county fairs throughout Ohio and the mid-west. He's a choreographer and event promoter and has taught or performed at the Kennedy Center, on local TV & in cinema...Read more

Terry chasteen