Terry was born and raised in Northern Ohio and developed a passion very early for both music and dance as well as animals of all kinds. In his first life in a rural farm community of Northern Ohio, the dancing was mostly square dancing and Two Stepping at local events and horse shows, which he attended frequently. Terry earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a minor in business administration at Ohio State University in 1974, which is where he took his first Ballroom class at the Student Union in 1969. In '74 he also enrolled in a 10-day teacher training course at the Fred Astaire Dance studio of Columbus, Ohio just to get "free dance lessons" having no intention whatsoever of teaching after the two week crash course was completed. That was 4 decades ago and he has been  teaching as an independent instructor and continuing to train in nearly every form of social and competitive dance ever since, plus made his way into brief opportunities as teacher, choreographer and performer on local TV, at the Kennedy Center and in film (Read more).

Terry Chasteen