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Hello Fellow Affiliate

We are glad you're considering this as a business opportunity. You will get a commission from any of our class bookings made by people that come through your link. Think of it as a virtual dance studio you own but never have to manage. In simple terms this is a 100% passive income opportunity💰💰💰

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How the affiliate program works

We only make this offer available to chosen partners. If you are on this page, you are a chosen one :)

You will get a commission from any sale made by people that came through your link.

How it works

Once we approve you as an affiliate, you will see a widget that only affiliate can see on our website. That widget gives you the option of sharing our classes or website to your people/audience. That includes a unique link that is specific to you, social media or email sharing options. You can use any or all the above to make sure your link is visible everyone. In addition, you can send an email campaign to your audience to advertise one or all our classes and events, and earn from any bookings that made through your link. Plus, if anyone buys any of our merchandise on the website, you'll get an equal commission on that transaction too. You don't need to lift a finger. Pretty sweet huh! :)

How can I track my link revenue?

We are glad you asked! Everything is automatically tracked and, as an affiliate; you'll have your own Dashboard where you see all the sales and conversion that come through your link. The Dashboard widget will display to our affiliates' only member page, and it will offer instructions on how to participate in our affiliate programs. Additionally, it will show all your up-to-date stats and statistics on the affiliate program. This way you can track the sales that you are referring.

How do I get paid?

We are processing your payouts using PayPal en-mass, or any payment method that you want: paypal, cash, bank transfers etc every certain time of the month or every certain amount.

Have more questions?

Please contact us using our email or phone number below. Looking forward to working closely with you as a busyness partner :)


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to work with you. Let's connect.


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