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Fri Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshop 5:15

Service Description

Basics that each couple needs but need not do individually with private coaching. Save time and money with one group class. Price: $36/Couple. Learn a grand entrance & exit to your Special First Dance after your vows 💃 under completely mitigated, distanced & masked conditions if necessary. The entrance & ending of your routine is the only part that we can do as a group class, since everyone has different music and choreography, but this class will save your private coaching time for the hard core choreography to your music. You can preferably do it early-on in the process since we will use the over sway and instruction on spinning in your routine, but it's OK to take it after starting on your choreography if necessary. Afterwards, schedule private coaching by appointment to learn & fine-tune a fun-filled and easy choreography in any Dance style. We've been teaching wedding routines for 5 decades, so any song or medley will be a cinch to come up with and easy to learn. START EARLY so u have plenty of time to practice and feel much more comfortable during Showtime. (Private Coaching can be done in-person or via zoom around the world and is scheduled by appt each time at $90/ session, with several discount packages avail at Stay safe!

Contact Details

  • DanceSport Dupont Circle

    DanceSport Dupont Circle, P Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA


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