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Int'l Ballroom & Latin 6 pm

Service Description

BEGINNER LEVEL INTERNATIONAL STYLE BALLROOM & LATIN DANCE CLASSES: Terry Chasteen is offering a new monthly introductory level series of the 10 International style Ballroom & Latin dances. Consists of 2 dances back-to back each month (included as one class of $15 class fee) from 6:00-6:45pm (1/2 hr/dance) on Thursdays. These are many of the same dances that you see on 'Dancing With The Stars': Aug - Samba / Tango  Sept - Quickstep / Jive Oct - Viennese Waltz / Paso Doble Nov - Rumba / Waltz Dec - ChaCha / Foxtrot Jan - Samba / Tango ( ... then repeat each successive month as shown in the rotation above) These 10 dances are from the same International sylabus that is taught around the world, so u can attend an even ln a country where you do not speak the language but you can dance with them as though you have known them for years.

Contact Details

  • DanceSport Dupont, Washington DC

    DanceSport Dupont Circle, P Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA


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