This is why we LOVE teaching our beginner wedding couples.

Some of those who have been teaching for three decades or more as I have, only enjoy working with our more advanced students who after years of training and drilling are now ready for the big time. Not quite Broadway, yet, but close. They often get somewhat bored with starting over and teaching brand new beginners from scratch.

But I have to say that I also LOVE teaching beginners and especially the unending line-up of wedding couples who come through the door each month, most of whom are almost always brand, brand new beginners and who have rarely,

if at all, danced in a structured manner with their partners before.

It’s great to see the young couples drag each other through the door for that first meeting, kicking and screaming (usually it’s the guys who are doing most of the kicking and screaming) wondering why they have to go through this torture as part of the marriage process. But they reluctantly agree to do so, knowing full well that having no advanced preparation at all could result in a major disaster right there in front of all of their friends and family, God And Everyone! Since the grooms-to-be have often not had the ballet, jazz, modern or tap training that most of the brides-to-be have had growing up, this to them is just another example of having to face head-on one of those both horrifying and frightening journeys into the unknown. The fun part begins when the bride-grooms discover that with just a little preparation, this could possibly not only be much easier than they ever thought, but they also realize that it can actually be FUN! And in no time at all it becomes apparent that for the first time since the relationship began, they are now all-of-a-sudden completely “IN CONTROL”! A phenomenon that they had never before (and probably never will again) experienced where their future bride is concerned!

And once this process begins, everyone soon gets eagerly into the excitement of making what was feared as being another one of those fright