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Wedding Dance Tips. How to Perform a Most Memorable First Dance Ever!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

It seems like your big day is just around the corner, and even the thought of dancing in front of the wedding guests terrifies you to your very core. But you don't have to worry as you are not alone. Most of the couples have zero experience whatsoever in dancing prior to their weddings; that is why wedding dance lesson and specialized dance studios, like us, exist, to help you getting ready to perform your first lesson with confidence. Here are DanceSport Dupont's six tips to get you on the right track from the beginning:

Choose an appropriate wedding song.

Find a wedding song that you can relate to, has a clear beat, and is easier for you to dance to. If you don't have one or you are not sure which one is the best for you, don't be shy to ask help from an expert wedding dance instructor. This is part of what we do everyday, we are there to help you out. The wedding dance isn't a DIY project, and that is why everything has to be as close to perfect as possible; we at Dancesportdupont love to things from scratch up, especially if you are an absolute beginner/s.

Enter the dance floor with confidence

The grand entrance is something that the wedding guests usually look forward to; that is why the couple must enter the ballroom or the wedding hall with head up and high, shoulders back and remain calm at all times. Listen to the music as it will be a real confidence booster.

Hold a proper dance position

a same gender couple in a close dance position

Consider working on a proper dance position beforehand so you don't feel as though you are disconnected from each other on the dance floor, a good wedding dance instructor would definitely work on that with you as well. A proper dance position is everything you need, not only to perform your dance better, but also it makes you look great in pictures.

The timespan for a first dance

The average time span for a first dance should be no more than three minutes. Consider keeping your dance short and sweet, as it is known that dancing in front of guests or the general public could be a real nerve wrecker! Which is another reason why it is advised that every wedding couple who is interested in learning how to dance for their wedding must consider signing up for dance lessons.

Stay calm even when you have made a mistake.

“To err is to human", that is why if you have made a slight mistake while dancing, there is no need to get nervous. Even professional dancers make (horrible) mistakes while dancing. It is pretty common for a beginner to use the wrong foot or step a head of the beat while dancing, that is why it is recommended that you should stay calm and just carry on dancing even when you have just made a mistake. It is all about entertainment and fun, at the end of the day.


The earlier you start to prepare for your big day the better. If you are considering taking dance lessons for your wedding, and you should, because people tend to eventually forget everything from your wedding day but one thing; how beautiful and romantic your first dance was! Therefore, you should invest sometime to take some wedding dance lessons way a head of time. Take sometime to look around for a good dance studio where you can take some private lessons in preparation for your wedding first dance.

As a top wedding dance choreography instructions provider for decades, we at DanceSportDupont, always recommend our new wedding couples to schedule their wedding dance lessons as early as possible. This way it is not only out of the way, before other more serious wedding day related stuff start pressing, but also to have enough time to practice and memorize your wedding dance routine, and be ready by show time. As we have always done, we love our beginner couples and enjoy working with them to create an awesome dance routine for their weddings from scratch, starting with how to enter and ending with how to exist dancefloor. We welcome wedding couples from all sexual orientations and walks of life. We provide private dance lessons, Dance-at-your-Wedding Workshops (for groups), as well as other regular group classes, of all types, Ballroom, Latin, folklore and custom dance routines. We teach on and off location throughout Washington DC area, Northern Virginia and Maryland, and will soon in some other states all over the country.


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